L3Harris Finalizes Procurement of Viasat’s Tactical Data Links Business

L3Harris Technologies has acquired California-based network provider Viasat’s Tactical Data Links (TDL) business.

The $1.96 billion agreement includes transferring Viasat’s Link 16 solution dedicated to military service and defense agency use.

“We thank the employees who transferred to L3Harris as a result of today’s closing. We greatly appreciate their contribution to Viasat,” Viasat Chairman and CEO Mark Dankberg stated.

“Completing the sale of the Link 16 TDL business to L3Harris supports our transition towards a greater focus on global satellite services. It also strengthens our balance sheet, and reduces net debt and interest expense – supporting our path to positive free cash flow.”

‘Naturally’ Aligned JADC2 Product Line

A bid for the acquisition was signed last year to support the expansion of the US Department of Defense’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) efforts.

“Viasat’s TDL product line naturally aligns with our proven communication capabilities, and we are excited to partner with our customers and coalition allies as we modernize the Link 16 enterprise,” L3Harris Chairman and CEO Christopher Kubasik said during the signing.

“Now, given Viasat’s increasing focus on space networks, integrating TDL with L3Harris and its portfolio of C2 assets and resources, offers new forms of growth opportunities and our long-time strategic partnership on TDL products provides a solid foundation,” he added.

Rapid Defense Decisions

According to the US Congressional Research Service, the JADC2 initiative will see sensors and other communication capabilities standardized into a single network to enhance interoperability across the US defense organizations.

“DOD officials have argued that future conflicts may require decisions to be made within hours, minutes, or potentially seconds compared with the current multiday process to analyze the operating environment and issue commands,” a statement from the service said.

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