L3Harris to Acquire Viasat’s Tactical Data Link Business to Expand JADC2 Offerings

L3Harris has inked an estimated $1.96-billion agreement with communications company Viasat to acquire its Tactical Data Links (TDP) product line in a bid to expand its JADC2 offerings.

“Viasat’s TDL product line naturally aligns with our proven communication capabilities, and we are excited to partner with our customers and coalition allies as we modernize the Link 16 enterprise,” L3Harris CEO and Chair Christopher E. Kubasik said. 

Link 16 is a network integrated into a wide range of military vehicles that enable troops across multiple domains to communicate securely.

“This acquisition is part of our strategic effort to ensure operators have access to the most advanced, multi-function Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) solutions available,” Kubasik said.

Joint All-Domain Command and Control

The JADC2 is a Department of Defense initiative to connect sensors from all military services into a single network.

“Traditionally, each of the military services developed its own tactical network that was incompatible with those of other services,” the Congressional Research Service explained.

“DOD officials have argued that future conflicts may require decisions to be made within hours, minutes, or potentially seconds compared with the current multiday process to analyze the operating environment and issue commands.”

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