The Defense Post is a fiercely independent media outlet dedicated to defense-related news from around the world, with a particular focus on the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Established in 2017, it delivers breaking news, in-depth coverage, investigations and commentary on a wide range of national defense, international security and foreign policy issues, and covers a full gamut of topics from news from conflict zones to industry and technology developments to detailed academic analysis.

Although U.S.-based, The Defense Post aims to tell important stories from local or regional points of view, employing local voices to provide a counterpoint to many other defense outlets which focus on military news from their home nation’s perspective.

The Defense Post strives to shine a light on areas of the world often overlooked in the fast-paced news environment, taking time to report lesser-spotted stories.

Impartial but outspoken and without fear or favor, The Defense Post endeavours to tell the facts as it sees them and is committed to fairness and the right of reply.

The Defense Post is a part of the Globe Post network.

The Globe PostEstablished in 2016, The Globe Post is an independent digital news organization based in the United States. It provides in-depth analysis on global affairs and national security with a distinct focus on human rights, civil and political liberty, and press freedom.


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