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The Defense Post aims to publish a wide range of high-quality opinion and analysis from a diverse array of people for our well-informed readership.

Our publication focuses on defense, national security, and foreign policy around the globe.

We value authors who are experts or have personal experience in their subject, and we value articles that are current or reflect on important topics.

We are not interested in essays that are descriptive or repeat the obvious. Articles should center on a strong argument and form a compelling narrative, and jargon – including all but the most common acronyms – should be avoided. Book reviews are welcome. Overtly partisan articles may only be considered for publication alongside an alternative viewpoint. Submissions should be exclusive to The Defense Post and not previously published.

Statements of fact should be cited with a link. For books, a link to an Amazon or Google Books page is fine. When a link is not possible, refer to the source in your text. Don’t use footnotes. Citation in this manner allows us to fact-check your submission faster.

The ideal op-ed is between 500 and 1,000 words long, but longer articles may be considered. We value a short pitch ahead of sending a complete piece. We’ll be in touch within 5 business days if we are interested in publishing your article.

We may edit submissions for length, clarity, style, and grammar, but we’ll try to confirm changes with you.

Our aim is to spearhead ideas, offer alternative viewpoints, and publish opinions of those who are authority in their fields. Commercial promotions and/or articles written by authors with vested interest in certain commercial or lobby work won’t be considered. For sponsored or partner content and thought leadership, please check our Partnership section. 

We need all the information below to consider your piece for publication. We’ll also need a head-and-shoulders image, which we’ll ask for when we get in touch.

Published op-eds may be featured in our printed materials.

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