British Army Taps Saab for Live Training Upgrades

The British Army has signed a 60-million-pound ($75 million) deal with Saab to improve its live training capabilities with laser and geometric pairing technology.

The Instrumented Live Training (ILT-D) contract will replace the existing Direct Fire Weapon Effect Simulator (DFWES) deal between the UK and the Swedish defense firm, modernizing the army’s drills with Saab’s newest live simulation system.

Direct and indirect fire data will be processed in real time by the capability to provide objective feedback for After-Action Review processes and training validation.

The transition to ILT-D includes continued interoperability with existing Saab hardware and software, as well as updates that address DFWES’ obsolescence issues.

Support will continue across training locations in the UK and Germany, as well as the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, and the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines south of England.

The ILT-D deal will run for three years, with options to extend until 2030.

Saab’s UK Defense Ties

The UK Ministry of Defence has collaborated with Saab for various military deals aiming to bolster its forces.

One of its more recent efforts includes a 264-million-kronor ($25.6 million) contract in 2023 to supply the armed forces with 11 1X 3D air surveillance radars to be used for simultaneous air and surface surveillance, drone detection, and artillery warning.

The company also teamed up with UK-based The Abbey Group to manufacture its Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System in the country.

The agreement, signed in February, will see Saab produce the electro-magnetic camouflage equipment’s materials in Sweden before sending it to Abbey’s assembly line in Liverpool.

The British Army is expecting to equip its Ajax armored fighting vehicles with the Barracuda.

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