Saab, Abbey Initiate Local Barracuda Camouflage Production in UK

Saab UK and British company The Abbey Group have partnered to manufacture Barracuda mobile camouflage system (MCS) parts in the UK.

The Barracuda MCS was developed to lessen the signature of tactical assets in the field from hostile sensors, boosting the security and survivability of international military allies.

This textile capability is commonly used to hide ground vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, tanks, and trucks.

Under the collaboration, Saab will produce MCS materials in Sweden, while Abbey will assemble the components in Liverpool before delivering them to customers.

With the new agreement, Saab and Abbey’s domestic production in the UK will increase the supply of camouflage systems required by the British Army, specifically for its Ajax armored fighting vehicles, Saab wrote.

Ajax infantry fighting vehicle
British Army’s Ajax infantry fighting vehicle. Photo: UK MoD

“We’re delighted to have Abbey Group on-board producing our Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System in the UK,” Saab Barracuda Marketing and Sales Director Daniel Nordström stated.

“With the global threat situation constantly evolving, it’s important for us to have manufacturing facilities close to our customers.”

“It not only helps boost in-country defence-manufacturing capabilities, it also ensures that we are able to deliver the products needed in a timely and efficient manner.”

Leveraging WWII Bunker

Saab said that part of the deal with Abbey was the selection of a Second World War-era ammunition bunker west of Liverpool as the location of the UK–based Barracuda manufacturing facility.

“The facility was camouflaged out of sight to prevent it from being bombed during the war,” Abbey Group Managing Director Adam Kelly said.

“And now it makes the most technologically advanced camouflage panels on the market. It has, of course, been fully renovated and kitted out with top-of-the range equipment and highly skilled staff and operators.”

“This is a win for local manufacturing and has already provided some great job opportunities for the local area. And it will continue to do so as we are growing staff numbers every couple of months.”

Global Barracuda Camouflage Production

Saab’s partnership with Abbey followed the Swedish firm’s deal with Canadian company Tulmar in 2023 to manufacture Barracuda MCS in Ontario.

In October 2022, Saab signed a separate agreement with American mobility developer Oshkosh to equip the textile onto the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle designed to replace the US Army’s Humvees.

Nine months earlier, Saab received an eight-year contract to supply Barracuda camouflage to the French military.

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