Oshkosh to Supply Heavy Tactical Vehicles for US Army

Oshkosh Defense has secured a $231.9-million contract to provide its Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles (FHTVs) for the US Army.

The agreement includes the firm’s latest FHTV, the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT A4), in its cargo, tanker, wrecker, and load-handling variants.

Additional deliverables are the Palletized Load System A1s, Common Bridge Transports, and corresponding equipment.

“We are extremely honored that the US Army continues to call on Oshkosh to provide our Soldiers with the only heavy tactical vehicles proven to be rugged and flexible enough to meet the demands of contested logistics,” Oshkosh Defense Chief Programs Officer Pat Williams stated.

“Having produced more than 50,000 heavy tactical vehicles for the US Military and its allied partners, these delivery orders underscore the unmatched reliability and versatility of the Oshkosh Defense FHTVs.”

Palletized Load System A1
Palletized Load System A1. Photo: Oshkosh Defense

Meanwhile, Oshkosh will integrate advanced solutions into the Palletized Load System A1 trucks to sustain the fleet’s operational life, enable future upgrades, and reduce associated costs.

This approach aligns with an ongoing partnership between the army and the company to recapitalize more than 20,000 heavy combat vehicles and return them to field operations in “zero-miles zero-hours” condition with the same warranty as a new platform.

Latest Projects

Oshkosh secured a $27.3-million contract in June to supply medium equipment trailers for the US Army.

One month earlier, the company signed a $108.9-million deal to produce and deliver medium tactical vehicles for the service.

In April, Oshkosh accepted a $40-million order to ship an unmanned launch support vehicle for the US Marine Corps.

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