Oshkosh to Supply Medium Equipment Trailers for US Army

Oshkosh Defense has received a $27.3-million contract to deliver 57 medium equipment trailers (METs) for the US Army.

The MET is a six-axle drop deck trailer measuring 70 feet long (21.3 meters) specifically designed to deploy with the company’s M1300 enhanced heavy equipment transporter system tractor.

It can transport tactical vehicles up to 60 tons and is certified under European Highway Network Accessibility for 45-ton payloads.

The vehicle can navigate under overpasses with a 13-foot (4-meter) clearance and is equipped with hydraulically adjustable suspension to address varying requirements across obstacles and water crossings.

In the army, the capability is primarily used for loading and shipping Bradley armored fighting vehicles, Paladin turreted self-propelled howitzers, M992 field artillery ammunition support vehicles, and Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

Work for the contract will be facilitated in collaboration with Dutch mobile container manufacturer Broshuis BV.

“We are honored to provide the US Army with advanced trailer systems designed to deliver mission-critical equipment and cargo across any terrain worldwide,” Oshkosh Defense Chief Programs Officer Pat Williams said.

“The MET stands as a testament to Oshkosh Defense’s unwavering commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that effectively address the complex logistical challenges faced by the US Army and its international allies.”

Recent US Army Projects

Oshkosh’s latest project follows an $89-million agreement in December 2023 to upgrade the US Army’s equipment trailers in heavy variants.

The company accepted $342 million one month earlier to supply 557 METs for the service.

In January, Oshkosh was selected to participate in a prototyping effort for the army’s next-generation tactical truck program.

In 2022, the firm received an order to distribute 618 joint light tactical vehicle trailers to the US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy.

An Oshkosh Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) A1 truck is seen moving across a sandy area. It leaves behind a dusty trail as it moves to the left. It's painted dirty brown, and on its back is an armored tank painted in brown and gray camouflage. The sky is a deep blue with streaks of white clouds.
Focus on logistics innovation has been employed by the US as a preemptive approach to avoiding external conflicts. Photo: Oshkosh

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