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China-Made Tech Discovered at Taiwanese Army Base

A Taiwanese Army facility was found to have been using Chinese-made networking devices that could potentially compromise cybersecurity.

The Ministry of National Defense’s Armaments Bureau revealed that two Huawei routers were recently retrieved from the Army’s Hongchaolin Camp. Huawei is based in Shenzhen, China.

The bureau also found 44 inverters made in Beijing under the German brand SMA.

Taiwanese legislators have started investigating the issue, asking the military to explain why the Chinese-made devices were discovered in one of its installations.

Tensions between the two countries are soaring, with Beijing recently assuring it is ready to “forcefully” stop Taiwan’s independence.

Similar Incidents

Taiwan People’s Party legislator Huang Kuo-chang previously investigated the presence of Chinese-made inverters in the military’s optical communication projects.

He also exposed the use of made-in-China industrial computers in military endeavors.

Yongliang Ltd. and United Renewable Energy Co. were flagged for four optical communication projects, in which a total of 128 Chinese-manufactured inverters were discovered.

The armaments bureau will reportedly seek legal advice against the two companies for a possible breach of cybersecurity regulations.

Huang suggested immediately terminating the contracts, seeking financial damages, and initiating further investigation.

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