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N. Korean Soldiers Depart for Russia Amid Ukraine War: Report

North Korean soldiers have reportedly departed for Russia following reports that the Asian nation will deploy troops in Ukraine to aid Moscow’s forces.

An elite military training delegation led by the head of a prestigious military academy in Pyongyang left earlier this week for a “visit” to Russia, according to a report by Reuters.

The purpose of the visit has not been disclosed.

However, the report noted that this marks the first time North Korea has sent a delegation to Russia after the signing of their strategic partnership treaty.

In an earlier report, the US government said it was closely monitoring the potential deployment of North Korean engineering troops in Russian-occupied territories to help with rebuilding work.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder questioned the wisdom behind the move, saying Pyongyang would only send soldiers to their slaughter.

Expanding Ties

In 2022, Washington accused North Korea of covertly sending a significant amount of artillery ammunition to Moscow for its war in Ukraine.

The Asian nation has reportedly shipped more than 1.6 million artillery shells to the invading forces, making it Russia’s largest military backer.

Though the two nations dismissed the claim, their leaders met in Pyongyang last month, fueling speculation of growing military ties.

At their summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his North Korean counterpart Kim Kong Un signed a mutual defense treaty that obliges them to help each other if either is attacked.

“It is really a breakthrough document,” Putin said, adding that it assures “mutual assistance in case of aggression against one of the parties.”

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