Indra Demos Tactical Augmented Reality Tech for Spanish Army

Indra has tested an augmented reality solution that aids the performance of dismounted soldiers for the Spanish Army.

The demonstration is part of Madrid’s effort introduced in 2017 to boost the communication, information, and fire efficiency capabilities of warfighters on the battlefield through digitized equipment by the end of the decade.

For this purpose, Indra developed Future Soldier System (SISCAP), an augmented reality suite comprising a helmet-attachable optical system to visualize the wearer’s team and predict markers on threats and identified targets.

Held at the Toledo Infantry Academy, the recent event saw the SISCAP technology put into simulated reconnaissance missions, all-day surveillance deployments, as well as live firing.

SISCAP has day and night configurations and works with visible and thermal cameras to collect images in any environment.

The platform also incorporates a radio to transmit voice and data for regroupings and associated coordination processes.

Personnel wearing Future Soldier System (SISCAP) augmented reality equipment
Personnel wearing Future Soldier System (SISCAP) augmented reality equipment

SISCAP also provides a separate viewfinder and camera for a foot soldier’s firearm to enhance the weapon’s accuracy and support near non-line-of-sight shooting.

This attachment projects its captured images onto the personnel’s headset, securing the team when turning and maneuvering in complex terrain or enclosed spaces. It includes controls to maintain communications without requiring combatants to release their weapons and to decrease friendly fire incidents.

Simultaneously, platoon leaders can use a SISCAP tablet connected to the battlefield management system to sustain operability and information across the chain of command.

Indra wrote that the system’s modular design allows future integration of palm-sized microdrones, additional functionalities, AI-enabled target discrimination, and effective maintenance.

Situational Awareness at the ‘Highest Level’

Indra said more SISCAP tests are scheduled in the coming months to finalize the solution’s compatibility with the Spanish Army’s 8×8 Dragon armored fighting vehicle, further establishing communications between the units and headquarters.

Work for SISCAP is being facilitated in collaboration with the Spanish Directorate General for Armaments and Material and Madrid-based industry partner GMV Aerospace & Defence.

“The system will provide soldiers with the most advanced digital capabilities and will provide them with a situational awareness of the highest level, by giving them a vision capacity enriched with the information collected by all their colleagues and other deployed means,” Indra Manager Gregorio González explained.

“One of the great advantages of the system is that it is modular and scalable, which allows it to be adapted to the mission being carried out, ensuring maximum ergonomics and minimum weight.”

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