Ultra Unveils ‘Archer’ Troposcatter Comms System for US Army, Partners

Ultra Intelligence & Communications has unveiled its Archer beyond-line-of-site (BLOS) troposcatter communications system for the US Army and global partners.

The American firm announced the recent successful demonstration of the system, saying it managed to maintain a communications link beyond 185 kilometers (115 miles).

Apart from reportedly meeting the range requirement of the US Army, the Archer showcased its ability to provide a resilient and redundant layer of secure communications to support various military missions.

It also supports quick deployment and self-alignment of antennas to ensure smooth connectivity between transmitter and receiver.

“Offering the Archer family of troposcatter systems to our global defense partners is a testament to our ability to invest, innovate, and deliver on crucial capabilities when our customers need it most,” company official Chris Bishop said.

With the recent demonstration, Ultra said the Archer has become the newest entrant to the global military market for reliable communications solutions.

Bridging Gaps

Troposcatter is a method of communicating by scattering radio waves in the lower atmosphere or troposphere.

These signals interact with atmospheric particles and scatter in various directions to be picked up by a receiver.

Ultra said such a method can withstand enemy interference and jamming, delivering robust, resilient, and secure communications beyond the radio horizon.

“Troposcatter bridges the gap when satellite communications aren’t accessible due to jamming, location, or other factors, making it a cost-effective way to move beyond line-of-sight relays,” company vice president Faith Rhodes explained.

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