INVISIO to Supply European Country With $45M Comms Systems

Swedish company INVISIO has signed an agreement to supply and integrate a European customer with its Intercom and Vehicle systems.

The Intercom system, which will serve as the gap between dismounted and mounted personnel, costs 230 million kronor ($22 million).

The vehicle radios, which will come from a third party, are worth 235 million kronor ($23 million).

The firm will act as the prime contractor for the entire implementation of Dismounted Soldier systems, including installation and training.

Deliveries will take place between the second and fourth quarters of 2024, with maintenance and spare part packages expected by 2025 and 2026.

INVISIO CEO Lars Højgård Hansen said the contract, which is the company’s largest intercom system deal to date, underlines the firm’s ability to act as a full system integrator for the forces.

“I believe this is a confirmation that our solutions meet the very high expectations of users operating under the most critical and challenging conditions – users need a trusted solution that is proven in live situations, as is the case with INVISIO’s systems,” he said.

Providing Army Solutions

INVISIO’s support in the defense sector is highlighted by orders from various countries in Europe.

Earlier this month, the company signed a 40-million kronor ($3.8 million) deal to supply a non-NATO army with its V-Series Gen II 42-decibel double hearing protection and X5 submersible in-ear headsets.

It also received an order for its Racal Acoustics comms systems last year, estimated to be around 90 million kronor ($8.7 million).

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