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Japan Orders Three H225 Helicopters From Airbus

The Japanese Coast Guard has ordered three additional H225 Super Puma helicopters from Airbus, bringing its total H225 fleet to 18.

The new choppers will be used in the coast guard’s territorial coastal missions, including maritime law enforcement drills as well as disaster relief missions.

All of the Japan Self-Defense Forces’ H225 aircraft are covered by Airbus’ HCare Smart material support management, which provides 24/7 immediate part support for unscheduled maintenance.

Airbus Helicopters Japan Managing Director Jean-Luc Alfonsi said that the H225 is perfect for the country’s law enforcement, as its versatility allows it to be operated for all-weather coastal and island missions.

“The Japan Coast Guard has been an active operator of the Super Puma family helicopters for three decades. This follow-on order demonstrates the customer’s confidence in our products and the dedicated support to their fleet,” Alfonsi stated.

Japan’s H225 fleet grew by three units in December, and one more chopper was added in February.

The Airbus H225

The H225 Super Puma is a twin-engine helicopter suited for offshore support and public service missions, capable of carrying 24 passengers in one trip.

Its Turbomeca Makila 2A1 engines allow a maximum speed of 170 miles (275 kilometers) per hour with a range of 533 miles (857 kilometers).

The H225 is currently operated by 12 countries for military use, including Hungary, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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