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Indonesian Air Force Receives Eight Airbus H225M Multi-Role Helicopters

The Indonesian Air Force has taken delivery of eight H225M helicopters manufactured by Airbus to support transport and other military missions.

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto led a hand-over ceremony earlier this month, along with representatives from the service and industry partners.

The choppers were locally assembled by PT Dirgantara Indonesia as part of a government effort to allow local firms to participate in defense procurements.

The H225Ms will be assigned to the air force’s Air Squadron 8 to take on special missions, including aerial fire support, combat search and rescue, medical evacuation, and maritime surveillance.

The delivery is part of a 2019 agreement to augment the service’s existing fleet of six H225Ms.

H225M helicopters
Indonesian defense minister Prabowo Subianto and other officials during the hand-over of the country’s new H225M helicopters. Photo” Indonesia MoD

About the Helicopter

The H225M is a “combat-proven” military helicopter capable of operating from ships and land — even in icy conditions.

It has a range of 700 nautical miles (1,296 kilometers), which can be extended with in-flight refueling.

The rotary-wing aircraft also boasts reinforced structural mainframes and high energy-absorbing landing gear, ensuring its improved survivability.

Other notable features include advanced avionics, a modular design, and the new-generation Makila 2A1 turboshaft engine with “exceptionally low” vibration.

Full Flight Simulator

Apart from handing over the H225M helicopter, the ceremony marked the unveiling of a full flight simulator for the multi-role chopper.

According to the defense ministry, the H225 simulator built at Lanud ATS is the only Federal Aviation Administration-qualified flight simulator training device in Southeast Asia.

“I, along with the entire ranks, will fight hard to improve the conditions of [the Indonesian military]… Looking for good equipment and maintenance, in order to have a reliable, superior, resilient, and strong Air Force,” Prabowo said.

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