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Indonesia Taps Italy’s Fincantieri for Two OPVs

Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri has signed a 1.2-billion euro ($1.3 billion) contract to supply Indonesia with two Thaon di Revel-class (PPA) offshore patrol vessels (OPV).

Fincantieri will serve as the prime contractor, coordinating with other industrial partners for the fitting of the ship’s combat systems and other logistic services.

The ships, currently under construction at the Integrated Shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano in Liguria, Italy, were originally built for the Italian Navy.

According to Fincantieri, Jakarta’s interest in the ships began after PPA Francesco Morosini stopped over in Indonesia in 2023 as part of its Far East maritime deployment.

“We view this as the first of many significant collaborative opportunities with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, following a long-term partnership approach thanks to the structural support of our institutions, starting with the Ministry of Defence and the Italian Navy,” Fincantieri CEO Pierroberto Folgiero said.

Developing the PPAs

Designed for high-level modularity and automation, the PPAs are multi-purpose ships used in patrol, sea rescue, and first line fighting missions.

The OPVs have a range of 5,000 nautical miles (5,800 miles/9,300 kilometers) and can reach a maximum speed of 31.6 knots (36 miles/59 kilometers per hour).

Onboard armaments include an Oto 127 mm/64 Vulcano rapid-fire gun, two Oerlikon KBA B06 autocannons, and various anti-air and anti-ship missiles.

The class currently has three variants with varying displacements: the Full, Light+, and Light versions.

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