Fincantieri Begins Construction of Italy’s Second Vulcano-Class Logistics Ship

Fincantieri began construction of the Italian Navy’s second Vulcano-class logistics support ship (LSS) on July 20 at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard.

The ship, yet to be named, is part of a 410-million-euro ($418 million) contract signed in December 2021. The deal includes the development of the ship with a combat system. It is expected to be delivered by 2025.

As it is being completed, the defense ministry plans to purchase a third Vulano-class ship, the Italian shipbuilder said.

The ships could also be utilized for non-military activities involving civil protection, humanitarian operations, and disaster relief.

The construction is part of Italy’s “Naval Act,” which aims to enhance the country’s naval defenses.

This program will develop seven multi-purpose offshore patrol vessels, with Thaon di Revel delivered as the first, and a landing helicopter dock called Triste.

Italy’s Eco-Friendly, Humanitarian Support Ship

The new Fincantieri LSS has low-pollution emission generators, electric-powered propulsion motors, and biological waste systems to help the Italian fleet cut negative environmental impacts during operations.

The decks will also include healthcare facilities such as clinics, radiology, dentistry, and operating rooms with a capacity for 17 patients.

Meanwhile, the French navy’s FLOTLOG (Flotte logistique) program, an initiative that will “restart and relaunch” the country’s naval capabilities, will also use Fincanteri’s LSS design for four future ships.


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