CACI to Modernize US Army’s High-Security Unified Computer Network

Information technology company CACI has received a $239-million contract to upgrade the US Army’s Global Secret Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) network.

The SIPR is among the primary cyber capabilities used by the US Departments of Defense and State to relay classified information and other data requiring a higher degree of authentication.

In addition to the network revamp, CACI will integrate commercial solutions for associated technologies to increase mobility and access security for users.

Work for the unified network modernization will be facilitated under the US Army’s Command Control Computers – Tactical program office and the Encore III indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract vehicle focusing on the migration and advancement of information technology assets.

“Modernizing the Army’s classified network is an integral first step toward a unified, secure system,” CACI President and CEO John Mengucci stated.

“CACI’s modernization solutions will improve the performance, efficiency, and security of the Army’s network infrastructure.”

“Our unique wired and wireless technologies will enable the Army to outpace the growing demand for data insights and allow users to work on classified networks from any location.

Dark Web Access

CACI partnered with risk intelligence software provider Torchlight AI in 2023 to establish open, deep, and dark web access for the US Special Operations Forces.

This project combined CACI’s proprietary virtual browsing technology and critical intelligence data searching application to monitor more than 17,000 threat behaviors across cyberspace.

The method is expected to boost special operation teams in decision-making tasks and aid them in future missions, including irregular warfare.

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