Russia Using Chemical Weapons in Ukraine to Create Panic Before Attack: Report

The Russian military is using prohibited chemical weapons in Ukraine to cause panic among Ukrainian troops before launching attacks on their positions, a Telegraph investigation has found.

Citing frontline troops, the report said invading forces are using drones to drop grenades filled with banned CS gas.

When the poison gas begins spreading on the ground, Ukrainian soldiers try to escape, breaking their cover and exposing them to enemy attacks.

A Ukrainian reconnaissance team commander stated that Russian forces are resorting to the prohibited tactic because they find it difficult to dislodge Kyiv’s forces with artillery fire.

Apart from CS gas, the investigation cited unverified claims of Russia’s illegal use of deadlier chemical agents, such as chlorine, chloropicrin, and hydrogen cyanide.

Surge in Chemical Weapons Use

The result of the investigation was released following a report by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about Russia’s increasing use of chemical weapons in conflict.

Under the Chemical Weapons Convention, CS gas and other fatal chemical agents are not allowed in war.

The report states that Moscow is intentionally disregarding the rule, “systematically using hazardous chemicals” on the battlefield.

Over the past month, Ukraine recorded 371 cases of enemy use of weapons containing dangerous chemicals.

Additionally, it found that the explosive devices used to support these attacks were mostly K-51 and RG-Vo grenades.

In total, the Ukrainian military has recorded 1,412 cases of chemical weapons use by Russia from February 2023 to March 2024.

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