German Boxer Armored Fighting Vehicles to Get New Onboard Generators

Defense tech firm Vincorion has signed a 12-million euro ($13 million) deal with KNDS to supply the German Army’s Boxer armored fighting vehicles with onboard generators.

More than 700 EPG huskyV W 600 generators are set to be delivered by Vincorion, with potential additional orders bringing the total to 1,000 units or more.

Aside from managing the Boxer’s energy supply, the 600-ampere system will power the vehicles’ various mission modules.

A digital voltage regulator is fitted onto the capability, helping the generator adapt for more applications.

Vincorion managing director Dr. Stefan Stenzel explained that the generator is a response to the modern military’s need for technology that consumes more energy.

“We are specialists in the field of military energy supplies. Be it power supplies for sophisticated electronics or for radar systems, our generator reliably supplies the energy needed,” he said.

The generator has already begun field testing in the UK, Australia, and Switzerland.

Vincorion’s Military Tech

Vincorion classifies its defense technology into three categories: land, airborne, and air defense systems.

Most of its military equipment is made up of modular fittings, including radar covers, rescue hoists, and converters.

In 2022, it signed a collaboration with South Korea to create a hybrid engine system for future combat vehicles, focusing on improvements in combat viability and operational scope.

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