DISA Orders Electromagnetic Battle Management Prototype From Palantir

Software developer Palantir Technologies has received a $9.8-million contract to provide an electromagnetic battle management system prototype for the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

The platform will support the US Department of Defense in sustaining mission analysis, scheme of maneuver development, course of action, simulation, and production tasks associated with electronic warfare.

Furthermore, the web-based prototype will integrate service tools and processes into a single platform to amplify operability and coordination between the joint electromagnetic spectrum operations of the US joint force at the component level.

“The ability to ingest component-level courses of action and schemes of maneuver into an overall joint plan and evaluate the associated electromagnetic spectrum opportunities and risks will be a significant technological leap forward for operational planners,” a statement from Palantir said.

“[Electromagnetic Battle Management – Joint Decision Support] will play a critical role in ensuring that our forces are able to achieve EMS superiority across every warfighting domain.”

Work for the joint decision support prototype will run for 12 months, the Colorado-based company wrote.

Palantir will facilitate operations using the battle management solution in partnership with DISA’s Program Executive Office – Spectrum, the US Strategic Command, and other Combatant Commands.

“Through our extensive work with the operational community, we have learned a great deal about the impact of electromagnetic spectrum on recent conflicts and are working diligently to apply these lessons to meet the challenges of contested battlespaces,” Palantir said.

“We are proud to have been selected through DISA’s competitive procurement process and look forward to rapidly delivering a minimum viable capability to integrate EMBM-J DS into all aspects of mission planning.”

Recent Electronic Warfare Projects

The US Department of Defense awarded digital testing company Keysight Technologies a contract in 2023 to supply electronic warfare threat simulators to the US Air Force.

The same year, Lockheed Martin signed an agreement to deliver truck-mounted electronic warfare system prototypes for the US Army.

In 2022, Boeing tapped BAE Systems to produce integrated electronic warfare capabilities for the US military’s F-15E and F-15EX Eagle combat fleets.

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