UK Royal Air Force Adopts Lanza 3D Radar by Indra

The UK Royal Air Force has announced the integration of a three-dimensional radar solution for added airspace surveillance capability.

Developed by Indra, the Lanza 3D radar monitors the direction, range, and elevation of potential air threats, such as projectile weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The radar can also mitigate disruptive effects caused by electronic warfare, wind turbines, and solar panels.

Lanza 3D is designed with fully modular and scalable architecture and can be transported by sea, air, rail, and road for global use.

 Lanza 3D long-range transportable radar (LTR-25). Photo: Indra
Lanza 3D long-range transportable radar (LTR-25). Photo: Indra

“The system can detect and track tactical ballistic missiles, providing air surveillance command and control centres with the early warning information required to neutralise attacks,” Indra stated.

“It delivers the trajectory parameters necessary to initiate offensive, defensive or intelligence measures, such as the estimated launch point, cue point, impact, interception, etc.”

“This is an effective, validated, capability in these increasingly challenging, densely populated environments.”

Sustaining Radar Partnership With RAF

As part of its debut with the service, Lanza 3D was tested by the air force at an annual international military aviation convention in England.

“The deployments of this radar with the RAF, highlights Indra’s ability to meet the needs of the most technically demanding clients and reinforces our position as one of the world’s leading radar suppliers,” Indra Integrated Systems and Space Director Domingo Castro stated.

Lanza 3D in Partner Forces

Indra commenced the installation of Lanza 3D’s maritime variant for an Indian Navy warship in May.

A month prior, the company delivered the technology alongside a mobile area control center to the Royal Australian Air Force.

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