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UK, Netherlands Airdrop Humanitarian Aid for Gaza

The British and Dutch governments have deployed their air forces to the Middle East to supply humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

The initiative is a response to the ongoing conflict triggered by Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel last year.

Under the UK Royal Air Force operation, an A400M Atlas cargo aircraft was deployed to deliver 10 tons of “life-saving assistance” to the region, including water, rice, canned goods, flour, cooking oil, and baby formula.

The transport departed Amman in Jordan to deliver the packages along Gaza’s northern coastline. It also surveyed the drop zones before and during the activity to secure deliveries to the people.

The British government collaborated with the Royal Jordanian Air Force for this mission.

Hercules C-130 transport plane at an airfield in Jordan.
Hercules C-130 transport plane at an airfield in Jordan. Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Meanwhile, the Royal Netherlands Air Force flew a C-130 Hercules, another transport aircraft, for the same purpose.

The Dutch government said the packages incorporated food supplies specially weighed to “minimize risks” during the delivery.

The country also worked with Jordanian authorities to map out airdrop locations in Gaza.

Donations for UN Ground Teams

Simultaneously, the UK pledged an additional 10 million pounds ($12.6 million) in assistance to support UN agencies distributing aid on the ground across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“The UK has already tripled our aid budget to Gaza, but we want to go further in order to reduce human suffering,” UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps stated.

“The hell that was unleashed by the October 7th Hamas attack has led to wide-scale innocent loss of life. The UK’s goal is to use every route possible to deliver life-saving aid, whether that is by road, air or new routes via the sea.”

“We also continue to call on Israel to provide port access and open more land crossings in order to increase incoming aid deliveries to Gaza.”

Image of humanitarian aid, seen here being airdropped over Gaza from a RAF A400M aircraft today (25/03/2024). The Royal Air Force airdropped over 10 tonnes of food supplies into Gaza for the first time on Monday, as part of international efforts to provide life-saving assistance to civilians. The aid, which consists of water, rice, cooking oil, flour, tinned goods and baby formula, will support the people of Gaza. The Defence Secretary authorised the airdrop following an assessed reduction in threat to the military mission and risk to civilians. An RAF A400M flew from Amman, Jordan to airdrop this aid along the northern coastline of Gaza, as part of the Jordanian-led international aid mission. UK personnel worked closely with the Royal Jordanian Air Force to plan and conduct this mission.
Humanitarian aid being airdropped over Gaza from a Royal Air Force A400M aircraft. Photo: AS1 Leah Jones/UK Ministry of Defence

Latest Airdrops From Partner Nations

Alongside the UK and the Netherlands, other allied nations are facilitating humanitarian aid missions for Gaza through Jordan.

The US, the UAE, Egypt, and France completed their latest deliveries to the area in March.

The same month, the Singaporean government conducted its first airdrop in the region, bringing food and other essential materials to civilians.

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