Several People Wounded in Russian Missile Attack on Kyiv

Nine people including a teenage girl were wounded Monday after Ukrainian air defense systems downed two Russian missiles over the capital, sending metal debris crashing to the ground.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba posted footage purporting to show school children running to a shelter at the time of the attack.

“This is a reminder that Ukraine urgently requires more air defence, particularly Patriot systems and missiles capable of repelling any Russian attack,” he wrote.

The Kyiv attack came after almost a dozen people were wounded in a Russian drone strike on southern Ukraine overnight, and a fire broke out at a major Russian power plant following a Ukrainian drone attack.

Kyiv said Russian drones had hit the southern regions of Mykolaiv and Odesa, leaving residents without electricity in parts of the Black Sea territory.

In Russia, a fire broke out at a power plant in the southern region of Rostov, the local governor said, after a wave of Ukrainian drone attacks in the area.

Two power units at the Novocherkassk power station, one of the largest in southwest Russia, were taken offline, Governor Vasily Golubev said on social media.

The Rostov region borders Ukraine and the regional capital is home to Russia’s military command headquarters for its offensive against Kyiv.

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