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Indra Installs Maritime Lanza 3D Radar on Indian Navy Warship

Spanish defense firm Indra announced Wednesday that it has begun installing a naval variant of its Lanza 3D surveillance radar on an Indian Navy warship.

The move comes after the system successfully passed factory acceptance tests at the National Institute of Aerospace Technology in Madrid.

The Lanza 3D was developed based on the Lanza-N radar installed on the Spanish ship Juan Carlos I.

It was modified to suit Indian Ocean conditions, ensuring “optimum performance” in high humidity and extreme heat conditions.

The Indian Navy will receive two more radars from Indra under a 2020 contract by the Spanish firm and India’s TATA Advanced Systems Limited.

Indra Lanza Radar

Indra’s Lanza 3D is one of the latest variants in the Lanza family of multi-scenario, multi-threat adaptive radars.

It is designed according to NATO’s technical requirements, with anticipation of changing threat scenarios in the future.

Additionally, the system incorporated the latest technological and operational updates for improved performance in the maritime domain.

Indra said the primary function of the Lanza is to accurately detect aircraft, even in adverse weather conditions.

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