USAF Taps Lockheed to Develop Adversary Radar Training System 

The US Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin an initial $276 million contract to develop and produce an adversary radar training system.

The company will develop the software-defined Variable Aperture Digital Radar (VADR) system capable of emulating different adversary radar systems to train aircrews.

It will be built using Distributed Digital Active Electronically Scanned Array and leverage commonality with other key Lockheed radars, including both X-band and C-band radars.

Lockheed to Partner SRC 

Lockheed will partner with non-profit research and development defense company SRC Inc. for the development.

“[Advanced Range Threat System Variant 3] enhances our product line and demonstrates that we are continuing to lead the way in next gen radar capability,” Lockheed Martin Radar and Sensor Systems VP Chandra Marshall said.

“Our radar technology directly contributes to the overall strength of the US military. It continues to be our top priority to focus on 21st century security, to include training our troops with the most advanced systems to best protect our homeland.”

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