BAE Systems Unveils Stamp-Sized Military GPS Receiver

Defense company BAE Systems unveiled its new ultra-small MicroGRAM-M GPS receiver, with the size of a postage stamp dubbed the “world’s smallest” GPS receiver of its kind.

The next-generation MicroGRAM-M GPS is resistant to jamming and spoofing, making it an effective device for missions against enemies with jammers and electronic disruptors.

Greg Wild, director of Navigation and Sensor Systems at BAE Systems, stated that the new GPS system is available not only as a lightweight device for soldiers but also as a device for drones.

“MicroGRAM-M provides our armed forces and allies with a low-SWAP M-Code GPS solution that’s resistant to adversaries’ disruption efforts in highly contested environments,” he added.

MicroGRAM-M Features and Specs

The MicroGRAM-M GPS features a rapid secure signal reception capability, and the lowest power consumption for an M-code compatible device in the industry so far.

The dimensions of the device are 1.0 x 1.25 x 0.275 inches (2.54 x 3.17 x 0.69 cm). Qualification for the new device is still in process, and BAE Systems expects to have it in full production by 2022.


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