BAE Signs $754M AMPV Production Contract With US Army

BAE Systems has received a $754-million contract to continue manufacturing the US Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles (AMPVs), advancing the full-rate production into its second phase.

The new contract will cover the production phase between March 2026 and February 2027.

The AMPV family of vehicles are replacing the army’s M113 armored personnel carriers in service since the 1960s. Its five variants will be utilized by the Armored Brigade Combat Team, offering critical survivability, mobility, and interoperability upgrades.

“It’s crucial that we continue to replace the M113s, and that we do it at a pace that ensures Soldiers are unmatched on the modern battlefield. We are fully committed to continue our swift work with the Army to produce high-quality AMPVs at an increased and sustained rate for Soldiers,” BAE Systems AMPV Program Director Bill Sheehy said.

The US Army has been collaborating with the manufacturer on the program since 2014, initially signing a development contract and adding a low-rate production deal in 2018.

BAE Systems signed a $433-million contract with the force in 2023 to supply an undisclosed number of units under full-rate production.

AMPV at a Glance

First introduced in 2016, the AMPV is designed to serve as a highly survivable armored carrier with increased protection, mobility, reliability, and interoperability compared to its M113 counterpart.

Its five variants are fitted with mission-specific armaments and equipment to fill their role as the army’s major capability for logistics, medical evacuation and treatment, command post, and engineering missions.

The US Army currently has 2,900 units lined up to enter service.

Work for the AMPV program takes place at BAE Systems facilities in South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

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