BAE Delivers Mortar Turret AMPV Prototype to US Army

BAE Systems has delivered an Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) with a mortar turret to the US Army.

The company developed the vehicle prototype in collaboration with the US Army, Kongsberg, and Patria, who equipped the AMPV with its remote-controlled NEMO 120mm turreted mortar system.

The AMPV Mortar Carrier’s creation seeks to provide a cost-effective solution to the army’s growing need for increased capabilities and defense via vehicles with complete armor protection.

It will undergo rigorous field evaluations to gauge how its capabilities will benefit the force once fully implemented.

“The AMPV Turreted Mortar prototype was born from a capability discussion we had with the Army in 2022—the same year ExMEP was conceptualized with industry partners, and we look forward to its evaluation,” BAE Systems AMPV program director Bill Sheehy said.

AMPV Evolution

The AMPV family of vehicles serves as the US’ premiere low-risk, high-survivability carriers. With almost 400 Mortar Carrier units lined up for acquisition, the army now has 2,900 AMPVs lined up to replace its M113 armored vehicles.

The Mortar Carrier variant is the second AMPV prototype revealed in the last three months, the other being the Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System model presented in January.

Co-developed with aerospace firm Moog, the prototype focuses on enhanced detection, tracking, and identification of aerial targets.

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