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BAE Wins $433M US Army Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle Contract

BAE Systems has received a $433-million contract from the US Army to supply an unspecified number of armored multi-purpose vehicles (AMPVs).

The contract award comes a few weeks after a spokesperson for the service’s Program Executive Office announced that the AMPV had been approved for full-rate production.

The vehicles are expected to provide significant capability improvement to infantry units, particularly in terms of force protection, survivability, mobility, and power generation.

Work for the contract will be performed at BAE Systems facility in Pennsylvania.The estimated completion date is February 2027.

About the AMPVs

First presented in 2016, the AMPV combines mobility features with state-of-the-art technologies for improved survivability on the battlefield.

Its design is derived from the hull of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle with several modifications to improve its resistance to explosives.

The armored vehicles are set to replace the US Army’s Vietnam War-era M113 Family of Vehicles.

The service plans to procure a total of 2,897 AMPVs: 522 in general purpose variant, 216 in medical treatment variant, 790 in medical evacuation variant, 993 in mission command variant, and 386 in mortar carrier variant.

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