BAE to Provide Mid-Life Upgrade for Danish CV90 Fighting Vehicles

Denmark has signed an agreement with BAE Systems for the mid-life upgrade of the armed forces’ CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

Under the contract, the company will equip the fleet with the new D-series turret that incorporates an adjustment to the main weapon position, improving the vehicle’s balance and allowing the integration of additional armaments.

Each vehicle will have rubber tracks to decrease overall weight and increase space for new systems. The new tracks decrease vibration and noise to mitigate “long-term biomechanical impact” and fatigue for CV90 personnel.

The project will also include ergonomic enhancements to improve crew operational conditions and include data analysis of CV90 users.

In addition, the vehicles will have anti-tank guided missiles and BAE’s proprietary electronic warfare and countermeasures sensor suite to enhance warfighter protection and lethality.

BAE’s Swedish facility in Hägglunds will partner with local Danish contractors on the project from 2026 to 2029.

CV90 combat vehicle mortar system,
CV90 combat vehicle mortar system, Photo: BAE Systems

“It is an important upgrade of one of the Army’s most important weapon systems,” Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics (FMI) Head Lt. Gen. Kim Jesper Jørgensen stated.

“As the manufacturer of the vehicles, BAE Systems Hägglunds has a great knowledge of the capability, and the upcoming upgrade will bring the vehicles back to a state-of-the-art platform that will ensure it is equipped for future operations.”

Ground Fleet Modernization

BAE also received a 15-year contract this month for the repair and maintenance of Copenhagen’s CV90s.

“The [infantry fighting vehicle] capacity is absolutely crucial for the Army’s 1st Brigade,” FMI Land Program Manager Col. Ulrich Essemann-Beck said.

“With the [mid-life upgrade] project, the Armed Forces will have one of the most modern infantry fighting vehicles in NATO.”

“FMI looks forward to collaborating with all stakeholders in this ambitious project, which will strengthen Denmark’s defense capacity and ensure our preparedness in the years to come.”

Combat Vehicle 90

Depending on user requirements, the CV90 can be armed with autocannons, machine guns, grenade launchers, and guided missiles.

The vehicle is powered by 1,000-horsepower V8 engines for a maximum operational range of 900 kilometers (560 miles) and speeds of up to 70 kilometers (43 miles) per hour.

The CV90 entered Danish military service in 2007, following an initial order two years earlier.

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