Danish Military Tests First PULS Rocket Artillery System

The Danish Armed Forces tested the PULS rocket launcher system for the first time last week.

A non-explosive round was fired about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away into the North Sea during the test on July 2, the Danish military stated in a press release.

Months of planning and training on the Elbit Systems platform preceded the event.

Provides ‘Enormous Firepower’

Denmark received the first batch of PULS (Precise and Universal Launching System) platforms about a year ago. 

Since then, efforts by the Danish Army, Elbit, and technicians from the Danish Ministry of Defense’s Material and Procurement Agency have gone into its integration into the army.

“I am quite impressed. The system works as intended, and the sound is absolutely fantastic,” Brigadier General Henrik Lyhne said.

“We have missed a system like this in the Army. It gives us enormous firepower and significantly increased range. And after all, it is an ultra-flexible system that can launch several different missile types.”

Replacement for Caesars

Copenhagen ordered the system in March after donating all its 19 French Caesar howitzers to Ukraine.

A pair of PULS batteries (eight systems) and a battalion of ATMOS truck-mounted 155mm howitzers (19 guns) were ordered in March for $133 and $119 million, respectively.

The PULS platform is expected to be operational in 2026.

An array of guided and unguided missiles and rockets can be fired from the system with a range of 12 to 300 kilometers (7.4 to 186 miles).

It can be mounted on both tracked and wheeled platforms.

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