BAE Systems to Locally Repair Ukrainian Light Guns

The UK has awarded BAE Systems a contract to refurbish and sustain L119 light guns the government donated to Ukraine.

The agreement enables the company to conduct repair services in the ally’s territories and minimize time of weapon returns to the frontlines.

Developed by BAE, the L119 is the British version of the American M119 howitzer. It is among several capabilities currently operational in Eastern Europe to counter Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine.

The system’s barrel length is 3.2 meters (10 feet), and its bore diameter is 105 millimeters (4 inches).

It has a range of 11.4 kilometers (7 miles) and a firing rate of up to 15 rounds per minute.

“As the conflict in Ukraine continues it is vital that the UK Government and UK industry continue to support the Ukrainians to sustain their equipment,” British Defence Procurement Minister James Cartlidge stated.

“This is the latest demonstration of the UK’s unwavering commitment to Ukraine, as they continue to fight back against Putin’s illegal invasion.”

“This is now a war of industrial production and so it is key that we unleash the capability, capacity, ingenuity and innovation of our respective industrial bases.”

“The Framework Arrangement will augment this joint activity, further supporting the brave men and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

‘More Direct, Long-Term Support’

The contract builds on a deal signed by BAE Systems and President Volodymyr Zelensky last year to establish local arms production in Ukraine.

The agreement followed a partnership between BAE and Dubai-based logistics group AMS in December 2023 to deliver support and repair services for Ukrainian artillery systems.

The company began negotiations with the Ukrainian government for the overall domestic weapons production setup in June 2023.

Ukrainian servicemen fire a 105mm Howitzer towards Russian positions near the city of Bakhmut
Ukrainian servicemen fire a 105mm Howitzer towards Russian positions near the city of Bakhmut, on March 4, 2023. Photo: AFP

“We’re committed to working with our government customers and industry partners to provide solutions that will help Armed Forces Ukraine secure victory,” BAE Systems Business Development Managing Director Gabby Costigan remarked.

“Our partner establishing a strategic military repair facility will significantly reduce the time that critical artillery assets are out of service. This contract is another step in strengthening our relationship and paves the way for us to provide more direct, long-term support to Ukraine.”

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