US Army Breaks Ground on Logistics Facility in Pennsylvania

The US has commenced development of a new logistics facility for the Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The 50,000-square-foot (4,600-square-meter) hub will support the issuance of guided missile systems, ground support equipment, related parts, and components.

In addition to the US Army and National Guard, articles processed through the center will also be used for more than 50 foreign military recipients and 50 allied forces.

The government wrote that the upcoming facility’s critical shipping and receiving functions will have a “direct impact” on LEAD’s production as well as future programs across the agency.

Once operational, the center will ease roadway congestion, consolidate operations, and centralize truck and rail traffic across the depot’s five main buildings and overall industrial area.

The site is scheduled for completion by 2025.

Modification kits await their turn at the OCONUS location. Letterkenny Army Depot personnel applied modifications to the 35th ADA Brigade from January through September 2017. (Courtesy Photo)
Military equipment packages in Letterkenny Army Depot. Photo: US Army

“This facility is essential to the safe and efficient staging, loading and offloading of assets and components that comprise PATRIOT battalions, Avenger and Sentinel batteries and weapon systems throughout the Air and Missile Defense community,” a statement from the US Army said.

“The new facility will serve as a staging area for the materials that support sustainment across the joint force for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and Navy Electronic Warfare Systems.”

“[It] will feed the production lines charged with improving the readiness of wheeled vehicles and power generation fleets as well as battlefield multipliers such as troop feeding, refrigeration, troop morale areas and chapels.”

Supporting the Organic Industrial Base

The $28.2-million project is part of the US Army Materiel Command’s (AMC) modernization efforts to advance the expansion of the agency’s Organic Industrial Base (OIB).

The AMC is a Pentagon branch that oversees procurement, maintenance, and distribution of military equipment for warfighters.

“The Army OIB strategy focuses on modernizing our facilities, our workforce, the infrastructure of IT, retooling processes and energy,” the US Army wrote.

“The Army’s 15-year OIB modernization plan is an investment of nearly $18 billion, and Letterkenny is a huge part of it … and we need to preserve and sustain its capabilities.”

“This … effort will more closely align the Organic Industrial Base to industry and elevate depot efficiency while increasing our surge capacity.”

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