Kongsberg to Deliver Maritime Surveillance Satellites to Norway

The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) has contracted Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to produce and deliver maritime surveillance satellites.

Three satellites will be produced by Kongsberg NanoAvionics, equipped with Automatic Identification System receivers and detector systems.

Kongsberg Satellite Services will operate the satellites following their delivery in 2025 and provide “high frequency and low latency surveillance data for both the Norwegian Government as well as international customers,” Kongsberg said.

The contract covers five years of service after delivery.

Defense and Civilian Tasks

The satellites will help Norway in defense and to watch the High North region, including for illegal fishing, smuggling, and search and rescue.

They will also help track vessels not reporting correct automatic identification system data, according to Defense Advancement.

“This satellite constellation with newly developed capacities gives Norway strengthened capacity for surveillance of our sea areas,” the outlet quoted the Director General of Norwegian Defence Research Establishment Kenneth Ruud as saying.

“This will strengthen Norway’s role as NATO in the North, which is important in the current tense geopolitical situation. At the same time, it contributes to several civilian purposes for control in Norwegian sea areas.”

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