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Kongsberg Unveils Maneuverable Short-Range Air Defense System

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has unveiled a highly mobile, ground-based air defense system designed for maneuvering army units.

The National Maneuver Air Defence System (NOMADS) has drawn lessons from the Ukraine war, offering protection against drones, cruise missiles, and fixed and rotating-wing aircraft.

“NOMADS can defend against small, short-range targets such as drones and cruise missiles, providing unique protection against threats like those currently seen in Ukraine,” executive vice president of Defence Systems at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Kjetil Reiten Myhra said.

“Its configuration is designed for rapid movement over rough terrain and with unprecedented into-action-time.”

National Maneuver Air Defence System

It consists of a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) module mounted on an armored vehicle. The system is vehicle-agnostic.

“This module integrates key command and control functions and applications from the medium-range NASAMS system and includes a passive seeker missile and an AESA radar,” Kongsberg explained.

Additional features include a radar with identification friend or foe and a remote weapon station for self-protection.

Delivered and Tested 

NOMADS is networked and integrated into NATO Integrated Air & Missile Defence and is adaptable to any NATO-compatible ground-based air defense mission or unit.

The system was developed for the Norwegian Army and has already been delivered and tested by the service.

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