Russia Mistakenly Drops 1.5-Ton Bomb on Occupied Territory

The Russian military accidentally dropped a powerful bomb in one of its occupied territories in Ukraine, the Daily Express has reported.

The 1.5-ton aerial weapon, believed to be a FAB-1500, hit a grocery store in Russian-occupied Yenakievo, east of Donetsk Oblast.

The city was captured by Moscow in 2014 and is now home to many pro-Russian separatists.

In a brief video shared by Telegram channel “Typical Donetsk,” the store can be seen filled with debris as large holes are visible in its ceiling and one of its walls.

Although the bomb did not detonate, emergency services were at the scene to ensure the safety of people in the surrounding area.

‘Immense’ Power

The FAB-1500 is a Soviet-designed explosive typically launched from fighter jets.

It can accurately maneuver to targets up to 43 miles (69 kilometers) away, making it difficult for air defense systems to shoot down.

The bomb uses a guidance system and pop-out wings to allow it to glide.

Russia has used the FAB-1500 in Ukraine, penetrating Ukrainian defenses and tilting the balance on the frontline.

The weapon, which can cause a crater 15 meters (49 feet) wide, has reportedly inflicted massive damage on thermal power plants, factories, and tower blocks in the war-torn nation.

If the bomb exploded in the Donetsk store, it would have caused catastrophic damage and inflicted a major blow on the morale of the Russian military.

Error-Ridden Military?

This is not the first time invading forces have committed mistakes in their ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

In July 2022, the Ukrainian military shared a video of Russian forces mistakenly downing their newest combat jet – the Su-34M fighter-bomber.

The following year, Moscow’s troops took down an Iranian-supplied drone after mistaking it as Ukrainian.

And even on the battlefield, invading forces seem to be committing major lapses. Earlier this year, Ukrainian commanders took note of Russia’s use of “meat assaults” in which a large number of soldiers swarmed an enemy area with almost no cover.

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