For Every Artillery Shell Fired by Ukraine, Russia Counterfires Five: US General

The Ukrainian military is so outgunned by Russia that for every artillery shell it fires at enemy positions, invading forces return five.

This startling assessment was issued by US European Command head Gen. Christopher Cavoli during a recent House Armed Services Committee meeting.

“They are now being outshot by the Russian side five to one,” he said. “The Russians fire five times as many artillery shells at the Ukrainians than the Ukrainians are able to fire back.”

He also warned that the disparity could increase to 10 to one in a matter of weeks if Washington does not find a way to send more ammunition and weapons to Kyiv.

Cavoli acknowledges that the war-torn nation is dependent on the US this year and that it may not be able to prevail without American support.

“If one side can shoot and the other side can’t shoot back, the side that can’t shoot back loses,” Cavoli said. “So the stakes are very high.”

‘Very Concerned’

Concerns about Ukraine being able to withstand Russia’s offensive mount as the US Congress delays the passing of a $60-billion supplemental bill for the war-ravaged nation.

Some American politicians want to prioritize domestic needs, including bolstering the country’s border security.

As a result, Kyiv has been rationing its munitions and is now sometimes unable to shoot back – a situation that makes US Army Secretary Christine Wormuth feel “very concerned.”

“We saw Ukraine lose some territory a couple of months ago. And I think there is a real danger … that the Russians could have a breakthrough somewhere in the line,” she said.

If Ukraine’s stocks run out, Cavoli warned that Russian attacks could cripple Kyiv’s military, civil society, and economy.

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