Ukraine to Receive Australian Marine Boats to Bolster River Fleet

Australia is sending state-of-the-art inflatable boats to Ukraine as part of a 100-million-Australian-dollar ($65.6 million) military aid package.

The Sentinel 830R RHIB (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat) is designed for a range of missions across rivers and seas, featuring customized weapon consoles and surveillance systems.

“The speed and agility of the 830R platform is expected to be used across a range of mission profiles, from riverine operations in Ukraine’s complex waterways, through to open sea boarding operations,” Sentinel Boats CEO George McGuire said.

“The 830R can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal maintenance, resulting in greater operational availability whenever the Ukrainian forces need it.”

The craft are being produced at Sentinel Boats’ Hobart workshop and will be sent in the coming months along with other pledged equipment.

To Bolster Ukraine’s River Fleet

The offering is essential to bolster the Ukrainian Navy’s depleted riverine fleet, consisting of reconfigured civilian boats and purpose-built vessels sent by allies.

Russian artillery and explosive-laden drones damaged and sunk “scores” of boats of both the Ukrainian Navy and Marines while they were “resupplying the Ukrainian marine corps’ narrow bridgehead in Krynky, on the left bank of the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine,” according to Forbes.

The boats are also required to launch raids across the river in Russian-controlled territory.

Some of the notable boats delivered to Ukraine include the 52-foot (16 meters) Swedish CB90 assault craft and the US-donated Dauntless SeaArk patrol boat.

Sentinel 830R

The 8.3-meter (27-foot) craft can accommodate a crew of 10 and features a speed of 40 knots (74 kilometers/46 miles per hour).

It is built using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), featuring strength and impact resistance, as well as vibration dampening qualities to reduce crew fatigue.


According to the Tasmania-based manufacturer, the HDPE is resistant to the electrolysis effect that reduces the service life of similar aluminum boats in harsh environments.

“The reduced cost of ownership benefit HPDE offers is demonstrated by Sentinel’s first boat still being in active service after nearly 30 years of daily use in a demanding commercial environment,” McGuire explained.  

“It is the ultimate honor to have our craftsmanship and reliability trusted internationally and to have this opportunity to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.” 

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