Knight Federal to Upgrade Military Training Center at Fort Johnson

Florida company Knight Federal Solutions has secured a contract to modernize the US Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Johnson, Louisiana.

The project supports the center’s function in delivering joint force preparations under Large Scale Combat Operations for future combat leaders.

The agreement covers sustainment, maintenance, and management services for training in Decisive Action environments and corresponding access controls, support equipment, and integrated training networks.

Work includes live, gaming, virtual, and constructive environments present at the site. In addition, the company will provide cybersecurity services for covered platforms.

The contractor will perform associated tasks in collaboration with Virginia-based defense industry partner Valiant Integrated Services.

Knight Federal wrote that services ordered under the agreement will help Fort Johnson’s readiness center to sustain its Authorization to Operate renewal efforts.

In addition, the contract is expected to bolster critical infrastructure within the center’s information security enterprise.

“Knight Federal is committed to enhancing the preparedness of America’s military forces,” Knight Federal CEO Chris Baeten stated.

“This contract underlines our pledge to deliver robust training solutions and supports our passion to strengthen the nation’s warfighter.”

Recent Army Training Support Contracts

The US Army awarded tech company Sigma Defense Systems a $4.7-million contract in May to develop a virtual reality intelligence training ecosystem.

Two months earlier, the agency teamed with Mazar Intelligence to continue the supply of 3D immersive training software for troops.

In February, the army signed a $160-million agreement with General Dynamics to provide support services for multiple training hubs in various states and overseas.

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