Denmark Announces Military Aid for Ukraine

Denmark has allocated a budget for additional military assistance to Ukraine.

The donation is valued at 5.6 billion Danish kroner ($813.5 million), of which approximately 2.4 billion kroner ($348.5 million) will be spent on air defense.

The government wrote that part of the overall package will also be utilized for artillery maintenance, additional military equipment, shells, and anti-tank mines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Moreover, the latest contribution will fund the country’s F-16 Fighting Falcon combat jet transfer to Kyiv which is expected to begin by 2025.

F-16 jet fighter. Photo: Lockheed Martin

“We have today informed the Foreign Policy Council about a new donation package for Ukraine. In the package, which is the 18th in a row, the emphasis is placed on both air defense and artillery, which Ukraine badly needs,” Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen stated.

“The situation in Ukraine is very serious. There is no doubt that the Ukrainians need continued and massive support from allies.”

“With this package, we are sending an unequivocal signal to both Ukraine and the outside world. Their fight for freedom is still our fight.”

Supporting Ukrainian Defense Industry

Copenhagen also revealed that some of the approved funding will finance NATO projects for Ukraine and other investments in the country’s local military-focused businesses.

“As part of the package, the government is also setting aside additional funds to be invested directly in the Ukrainian defense industry,” Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen explained.

“It makes sense to produce the weapons where they are used and by those who use them. It is also about future-proofing Ukraine’s defense capability. Ukraine has the skills, but lacks the funding.

“Hopefully more countries can be inspired to follow this model.”

Recent Assistance to Ukraine

Denmark’s latest package for Ukraine followed a $13-million donation in January to boost the country’s digital security against cyberattacks.

In December 2023, the Danish government partnered with Sweden to support Kyiv’s defenses with CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

The same month, Denmark and the Royal Air Force began training Ukrainian pilots in operating their future F-16 fleet.

Eight months earlier, Denmark and the Netherlands signed an agreement to procure and supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

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