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South Korea Mulls Procuring Military Drones From Poland

South Korea is considering purchasing military drones from Poland to bolster its attack and surveillance capabilities.

Government officials told local media that Seoul plans to send a delegation to Warsaw to inspect its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The delegation will evaluate the suitability of Polish-made UAVs for operations on the Korean Peninsula.

Prior to the announcement, Poland reportedly requested the Asian country to consider its homegrown weapon systems to bolster its defense capabilities amid increasing tensions with North Korea.

As a result, the South Korean military has signified its interest in Polish systems that have proven their combat effectiveness in Ukraine.

“As Poland’s drones are currently used in actual combat, [we] will review whether there are areas that can be utilized by our military,” a South Korean defense ministry official stated.

Potential Offers

Warsaw has produced cutting-edge UAVs for various military missions.

Its Warmate kamikaze drone, used in Ukraine, is a self-contained system that can be easily transported or carried by soldiers.

The platform reportedly works well as an alternative to anti-tank guided missiles, with better target detection and observation capabilities.

In 2023, Poland also introduced its HAASTA drone designed to hunt low-velocity, Shahed-type UAVs.

The aerial system has a 5.45-millimeter machine gun mounted on its underbelly for added lethality.

Growing Ties

For the past several months, it was Poland who usually turned to South Korean defense systems to modernize its military.

In 2022, the European nation approved a $5.76-billion contract to Seoul for the purchase of 180 K2 Black Panther Tanks and 212 K9A1 self-propelled howitzers.

It also signed a $13.7-billion agreement with the Asian nation for the supply of 48 light combat aircraft.

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