Curtiss-Wright to Provide Deployable Communications Solution to US Air Force

Curtiss-Wright has received a $16-million contract to provide a deployable communications suite for the US Air Force.

Under the agreement, the company will deliver its PacStar 400 series modules and associated Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) integration services.

PacStar 400 incorporates servers, routers, switches, radios, and sleds, as well as a specific chassis, rack mounts, packaging cases, and accessories for the product family.

These solutions are qualified for connectivity use across international US Department of Defense information networks.

Throughout the initiative, the company will leverage software automation to amplify connectivity and network security at varying classification levels.

Work will be facilitated by Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Electronics – Defense Solutions segment and coordinated with the project’s prime contractor Iron Bow.

The contracted work will be ongoing until 2027. 

“We are very excited to have been selected to provide our trusted tactical battlefield communications modules with CSfC cybersecurity and encryption integration for use in this agile communications solution,” Curtiss-Wright Corporation CEO and Chair Lynn Bamford stated.

“In addition to our previous successful support of US Army and Marine Corps’ modernization efforts, this contract represents a significant deployment for the US Air Force using Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar product line, including its proprietary IQ-Core Software integrated network communications management tool, for deployable communications missions.”

Curtiss-Wright’s announcement followed Iron Bow’s signing of a four-year, $144-million framework in January 2023 to provide networking services for the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.

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