Lithuania to Send Ukraine Radars Capable of Tracking Cruise Missiles

Lithuania will deliver six AMBER 1800 radar systems to Ukraine as part of the German-led air defense initiative for the war-torn country.

The Immediate Action on Air Defense initiative seeks to source available air defense systems from both NATO and non-NATO countries in a bid to deliver faster than regular procurement.

“Lithuania is participating in the Immediate Action on Air Defense initiative, which were launched by the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Office,” the German Ministry of Defense stated

“This initiative is aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s air defense. The associated sale of six AMBER 1800 radar systems is Lithuania’s contribution to saving lives in Ukraine.”

Can Track Stealth Targets, Cruise Missiles

The ground-based very high frequency-band radar can be deployed on prepared sites for automatic air target detection, providing angle and range, according to the manufacturer Altimus-Tech.

It is also capable of automatic tracking of air targets in specific airspace areas and displays videos, plots, and tracks.

According to the Polish manufacturer, the radar has a greater detection range for smaller and low-contrast targets such as cruise missiles and stealth aircraft, respectively.

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