RTX’s Space-Based Missile Warning System in Full Operation

RTX has announced that its newest advanced ground system for space-based missile warning is fully operational.

The Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution Mission Data Processing Application Framework (FORGE MDPAF) is now being used by the US Space Force to process, exploit, and disseminate information from satellites.

The latest version of FORGE MPDAF can process data from both the space force’s satellite constellation and other civil and environmental sensors.

Raytheon Mission Solutions & Payloads VP Sandy Brown said the system can adapt to the increasing amount of data handed over by satellites.

“FORGE MDPAF is designed to scale in a way that can handle the current volume of missile warning data and grow to support future proliferated space data processing needs,” she said.

The company expects the framework to evolve into a full missile warning detection system in future upgrades.

Missile-Tracking Developments

RTX has worked with the Pentagon to bolster the country’s air defense against would-be threats in multiple domains.

Last year, it signed a $250-million contract to develop seven missile tracking and warning satellites to observe ballistic and hypersonic launches by China.

The agreement came after recent missile tests from Beijing over the South China Sea.

Other missile warning projects by the company include the development of the AN/SPY-6, an air and missile defense radar system created to bolster the US Navy’s situational awareness at sea.

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