US Marines Test Robot Dogs With AI-Enabled Rifles

The US Marine Forces Special Operations Command recently tested four-legged unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) armed with artificial intelligence-enabled rifles.

The test, which was conducted at an unknown location, was made public by Eric Shell, an official from Virginia-based firm Onyx Industries, which supplied the AI-enabled weapon.

He said the US Marine command has two Vision 60 quadrupedal UGVs from Ghost Robotics fitted with gun systems based on Onyx’s SENTRY remote weapon system.

The rifle reportedly uses an AI-assisted Digital Imaging System to automatically detect targets before receiving authorization from a human operator to engage.

It also boasts an X360 Pan/Tilt Gimbal stack for electro-optical/infrared capability and what the company calls a Remote Actuated Weapon to aid in scanning people, vehicles, and drones.

Onyx said the trial will help “revolutionize the way we approach unmanned defense technology” for improved precision and safety.


Integrating weapons systems into four-legged UGVs is not a new practice for the military.

The US Army was the first to announce it was considering equipping its Vision 60 Q-UGVs with the Next-Generation Squad Weapon.

The move is said to have numerous advantages, including providing increased safety for soldiers as robot dogs can be deployed for highly dangerous operations.

These cutting-edge platforms can fit into tight spaces such as tunnels and trenches, compared to other military ground vehicles.

They can also be used for clearing mined or booby-trapped areas to minimize risk to soldiers.

“Together, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation and redefining the future of unmanned systems,” Shell said.

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