UK to Scrap 80 Warrior Infantry Vehicles

The UK is planning to discard some of its Warrior infantry fighting vehicles as part of its land capability modernization program.

Minister of State for Defence Procurement James Cartlidge said 80 platforms are waiting to be decommissioned, with nine more due for a decision for disposal during financial year 2024-2025.

Cartlidge added that the move is part of the UK’s Integrated Review 2021, a comprehensive plan highlighting the country’s push for a more robust security posture.

The remaining Warrior units are set to be replaced with Boxer armored fighting vehicles by the middle of the decade.

Unfinished Upgrades

The Warrior vehicles have gone through various modernization programs in recent years.

The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme was established in the late 2010s to upgrade 380 Warrior units with a newer modular protection system and electronic suite.

A total of 245 vehicles were also scheduled to be fitted with new turret and weapon systems, with the remaining reconfigured as Armoured Battlefield Support Vehicles.

The program was canceled following budget constraints and a three-year delay. Program developer Lockheed Martin announced that around 160 jobs were lost due to the cancellation.

Technical and trade training for its armored vehicle replacements are currently underway.

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