British Army to Train for Future Boxer, Challenger 3 Vehicles With Elbit Simulators

The UK has awarded Elbit Systems a contract for simulators to train the British Army to operate its upcoming Boxer armored fighting vehicles and Challenger 3 fourth-generation main battle tanks.

The $71 million agreement will see the delivery of Elbit’s Ground Manoeuvre Synthetic Trainer systems (GMST) over three years with an option for an additional nine years.

The package includes high-fidelity driver trainers, turret cabins, armament options, and digital training system management.

Elbit will also provide associated maintenance and operation services at the company’s UK-based facilities.

The contract’s initial delivery phase will support the first tranche of Boxers for the British Army.

Boxer armored vehicle
British Army’s Boxer armored vehicle. Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

“The training of armoured vehicle crews is paramount to their operational effectiveness and safety, and we take great pride in the trust the UK MOD have placed in us to deliver this contract,” Elbit Systems UK CEO Martin Fausset stated.

Advanced Vehicle Training System

Elbit developed the training simulators with common digital systems and open architecture technology for an interchangeable configuration.

This approach permits the systems to be networked, enabling multiple soldiers to train in different vehicles, formations, and locations simultaneously.

The training solutions can also be updated to meet practice requirements when the British Army prepares for other armored vehicles in the future.

“We pride ourselves on being able to use our extensive British footprint and supply chain to adapt Elbit Systems’ global solutions for the specific needs of UK Armed Forces,” Fausset said.

“Through our focus on spiral development and open architecture we will continue to develop advanced capabilities to support the UK and our Allies in the years ahead.”

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