Germany Mulls Conscripting 18-Year-Olds Amid Fear of Russian Attack

Germany is considering reinstating compulsory military service for its citizens amid looming concerns that Russia may soon wage war on NATO.

The development was included in leaked military documents obtained by The Telegraph revealing that the country’s defense ministry has begun discussions on the matter.

Under the proposed initiative, all men and women will be required to undergo military training once they turn 18. This is different from Berlin’s previous conscription policy in which only German men were required to serve.

The country suspended compulsory military service in 2011.

According to the report, including women in the policy would require a constitutional amendment, which could be easier than expected because the change is “likely” to receive public approval.

Discussions around the planned conscription are reportedly in the final stages and details are expected to be officially announced next month.

Other Proposals

The leaked documents also revealed another proposal to only conscript selected men.

All 18-year-old men in the country would be required to complete an online form, but not all of them would be chosen for military service.

This proposal is reportedly viewed by the German defense ministry as a strong signal to both its allies and adversaries.

Another option is to not implement conscription at all and instead focus on bolstering the country’s military strength by ramping up recruitment.

Increasing Russian Threat

Earlier this year, a leaked German military document claimed that Russia may attack a NATO country if it wins in Ukraine.

The attack could reportedly begin from Moscow’s westerly territory, putting pressure on its border with Poland.

A follow-up German intelligence report said the large-scale attack on the alliance may be launched by 2026, just in time for Russia’s expected recovery from its losses in Kyiv.

The threat has fueled some NATO member states to inject more funds in defense and float the idea of calling up the public to fight in the event of war.

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