UK Firm to Develop ‘Containerized’ Logistics System for US Air Force

UK aerospace firm Marshall has signed a deal to develop a “containerized” system that will simplify logistics and aircraft and personnel deployment for the US Air Force.

Marshall’s Deployable Operations and Maintenance System (DOMS) will allow easier access to common support equipment for the force’s aircraft while also supporting aircrews in rapid deployments.

Originally designed to be integrated with Lockheed Martin’s C-130 tactical airlifter, the DOMS will have the ability to be airlifted and installed in non-permanent contingency locations where it can be moved and unloaded.

During the initial design phase, up to two proof-of-concept modules will be built and tested at Marshall’s production facility in Moncton, Canada.

Improving Force Logistics

The US Army has pushed for modernization efforts in its logistics sector, seeking updates for optimized supply chain, maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions for its capabilities.

Its more recent projects include the development of a logistics facility in Pennsylvania for the Letterkenny Army Depot.

The new facility will support the issuance of guided missile systems, ground support equipment, related parts, and components.

The force has also developed drone and pilotless helicopter solutions for resupply and rescue missions as stepping stones for improved logistics capabilities in contested areas.

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